Lukas Zegwaart is a Dutch Game Designer with a passion for games, game design and stories since primary school. This has led to many projects on the subject, for and outside of his study. Being eager to learn, he is always looking for opportunities to improve his skills and knowledge. While off the job he likes to game, read and travel, he has a large interest in anything cyberpunk related. While also enjoying things from ages past in the form of history and historic fiction.


Lukas has shown himself to be a driven and dedicated worker with an ability to improve himself in both practical as well as interpersonal skills. As a student at the HAN University of Applied Science, Lukas took on the role of project manager for a two month project executed by a group of 30 students. This task was ambitious and well outside the comfort zone Lukas occupied at the time. However through this role he showed a remarkable ability to improve his leadership and interpersonal skills, guiding the group to a tremendous end product. Along side this role he was also a primary producer for the model and animations of the main character of the game. Lukas also has a talent for creative writing and storytelling. I can recommend him with confidence for any task requiring a creative mind and a dedication to seeing the job done, and done well.

G. Jeff Cook
Lecturer at HAN University of Applied Science



Lukas has a creative approach to assignments at hand. He is a welcome addition to any team he participates in and contributes with creative conceptual solutions.

Rob Maas
Developer of innovative educational concepts for Music & Media



I have managed Lukas Zegwaart’s internship at Unitedgames in Wormerveer (Netherlands). During a period of five months, Lukas has commited himself to the design and expansion of a browsergame.

During this time Lukas showed he is a very creative game designer who remains flexible and can think out of the box. He has offered many practical insights and was able to work well by himself as well as together with the developers, artists and interaction designers.

Lukas is a valuable asset in any game design team!

Roxane Möllenkramer



I had the pleasure of working with Lukas on the No More S’mores project at HAN University. Throughout the nine week project, Lukas demonstrated many skills in his multiple roles he took on as a member of a diverse team of thirty-four students. As project manager, Lukas developed strong planning, organizing, leading, and communicating skills. As a member of a sub team responsible for creating and animating the 3D characters of the video game Lukas proved to be very creative, determined, and hard working. He was responsible for the main character of the game, in fact. When opportunities for self-improvement were presented, Lukas took no hesitation in taking advantage and growing in his roles on the team. As the concept owner, I was privileged to have such a project manager as Lukas to encourage and manage this multi-disciplinary, culturally diverse group and ensure this video game project was as successful as possible. I highly recommend Lukas as both a strong leader and a valuable member of a team.

Lindsay Mortland
Concept Owner of No More S’mores
Exchange Student at HAN University

My skills

– Maya

– 3Ds Max

– Blender

– Adobe Photoshop

– Adobe Illustrator

– Unreal Development Kit

– Bitsquid Level Editor

– TES: Creation Kit

My Knowledge

– Game Design

– Level Design

– Scripting C# & Visual

– 3D Modelling

– Skinning & Rigging

– Animation

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– E-mail: l.zegwaart[at]